Why content is not advertising. Manhattan Warsaw
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Can we please stop saying that content is advertising. It’s not!

Mark Bonecki, Manhattan Warsaw, CEO

07 Mar Can we please stop saying that content is advertising. It’s not!

“This is crazy, when I hear people saying that content is the new advertising. I trully disagree. Advertising and content is not the same thing. Not even close” – says Mark Bonecki, CEO at Manhattan Warsaw.

Some may think that advertising is long gone due to social media, apps and all this new technology. This is not true. Two years ago advertising was arround 400 biillion dollars. Today it’s worth 900 billion dollars. Does not seem like dead to me…

Numbers don’t lie. Adertising is not dead. Brands pay a lot to get the access to their audeinces. The number of places where brands can advertise increased too. Every media business is looking for ways to get the money in, ways to monetize their business. Media portals, bloggers, NGOs. Don’t say it’s not true. I used to be an owner of media business and I know how it works – how much these businesses rely on the ad-susupported content in order to keep their incomes growing.

What did change?

The way brands create ads is different now. Some of these ads look much like content. But it is not. Content can work without the paid element which is a core thing of advertising. Let’s take this post as an example. By writing it I create a content which I hope drags some marketing people to Manhattan Warsaw and all those amazing project we run for our beloved clients and their brands. Even though it hopefully increases the awareness of Manhattan brand, it’s not advertising. Advertising pops up when I intentailly add a layer of advertising on to it. In example, when publishing on Facebook I can pay to reach more of an audience and boost my post or run an AdWords Campaign in Google to make this post more reachable. This is advertising. So now you understand why advertising and content are separate things, right?

This is just so, so bad

Still, a lot of the content that I see from brands in social-media-like-places still feels more like an ad, than like real, high quality, intresting, engaging content. Some brands just don’t understand what it is all about and try to push off an ad as valuable content. That is just so, so bad.

Engage with valuable content

Some of you may know that I used to be a journalist some time ago. I also had a great pleasure (and still do) working with the leading journalist in Poland and trust me when I say, that when your PR team sends out a press info gloryfing your product, it’s not a valuable content and will neighter be percived so by journalist, nor the readers.

Mark my words. Content is king but only when it’s valuable.

Want to know more? Drop me an email: mbonecki@mnhtninc.com, Manhattan Warsaw.