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Media landscape changes, but I still like watching

15 Feb Media landscape changes, but I still like watching

It is undeniable for for everyone here at Manhattan Warsaw. I asked. Surelly you can turn on all of your Apple TV units, boost your Netflix subsrciptions (yeah, already in Poland) too. You can talk people into using Google’s new Chromecast, which btw is also amazing. You don’t have to convince me that the numer of people using smarthones as an extra devices while watching TV is growing. It’s all true. But you know what? Thus it does change the media landscape, we all still like watching.

All of those touchable, interactive screens are fun, but again – we still like to watch. So will the TV screen become more like the one from the Minority Report movie? Remeber the sceen where Tom is walking along the pavement and every screen follows his every move with an expresive call to action. Well it made me realize that futuristic, at-a-huge-scale advertising ideas with all its interactive screens and voice commands produced by Hollywood script writers, might not be that effecive.

We merketeers tend to push TV advertising – we include product placement and much more stuff. We do that at Manhattan Warsaw too. And where is that leading us all?

It is hard for me to watch these silly sitcoms knowing that the stars of the show are eating this peanut butter not because it’s tasty, but because they’re paid to do so. In US you even get the same stars tweeting about the superiority of that particular peanut butter taste…We don’t have it in Poland yet, but it’s coming.

Nowadays every single brand is trying to find a new angle in a world of infinite channels. We do that too in Manhattan Warsaw. In the world of permanent haste and PVRs people skip the commercials. Marketing communication changes. We used to talk about last night shows. Now we talk about the tweets and FB posts.

Sure it will change. It’s already happening

Netflix has already changed the way we do marketing in US. Check my post (oops its in Polish) Netflix, Meerkat i Persicope zmieniają model konsumowania mediów. We have it in Poland now and it won’t take long before it explodes among Poles too. I think it also won’t take long before the TV set is simply a bigger version of my smartphone and things I can do with it and with my tablet of too, plus all of the stuff that my TV currently does. Don’t agree? Leave a comment bellow.

Ok, but let’s focus on the most important matter here, which is YOU and ME. We are the customers. Don’t know about you, but there comes a time when I want to just lay down and let the screen take over. No chatting, no sharring, liking, commenting, ranking…etc. For a moment in a day I just want to go with the flow, be absent minded. I can watch the same episode of Friends for the 29th time. I just like watching.

What do you want your TV to do?

The television industry is doing everything within its power to maintain control. TV industry is doing a lot to keep the control. However Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the gang are doing everything to disrupt it. Even if we add all of the cool features, engaging widgets, apps and connectivity we may still find ourselfes in the same place – at the couch in front of TV. People just like to sit back and watch the screen. I did a small research about it here at Manhattan Warsaw. Everyone said yes…

Am I wrong

Maybe we want our TVs to keep being a screen, something like a bigger iversion of an iPad. We’ll see (sooner than later I guess). Still, with all of the technology and connectivity that TVs currently have (and how advanced they’re going to get), I’m willing to put some serious money towards the statement that the vast majority of us will use them in the exact same way: staring at the screen while sit back for a short moment during the day, just to be entertained, instead of focusing on whatever is going on in their own or other peoples lives.

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Author: Mark Bonecki, CEO, Manhattan Warsaw, E:
Brand strategist and communication expert. 12+ years of experience in building and managing brands for international corporates and media houses, as well as PR agencies. Content marketing practitioner.